We all know the general trend of our society where your family members pressurize you to become either doctors or engineers. Young children are presented with a fantasy. Life after becoming a doctor will be so easy. You will have a high income and will live the rest of your life in peace. These are some of the many positive statements that are fed into young brains. However, many parents fault to acknowledge the negatives. Becoming a doctor isn’t a piece of cake. So, here are 5 things that nobody tells you about becoming a doctor.

doctor with gloves

1 – The Stressful study                       

Agreed, every field requires a significant amount of study. However, medicine is on another level. Forget about any social life or parties or family get-togethers. Once you step into the medical field, you have to study day and night to pass your exams. Now if you are looking for distinctions, it is a whole other matter. The problem is that medicine is so very lengthy and has so many concepts that it can drown you. The only way to wade through is by studying from the very start. Plus, each subject requires a separate approach. Some require continuous ‘rattafication’ while other need you to understand complicated concepts. All in all, it is a continuous struggle.

2 – Never-ending exams

Remember when your parents said that Intermediate exams are the last hurdle. Well, you can forget all of that because from now on, every stage is a hurdle. You have to give an entry test, stages, midterms, preproffs and then finally the proffs. This will continue for 5 years, and then it’s the post-graduation. In short, forget that you will ever be free from exams till you are 30 and that also if you are lucky!

3 – Insults and Scolding

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Medicine is a different career choice. Here you will meet all kinds of teachers. However, once you enter your clinical rotations, you will notice a different trend. You see doctors have a much lower tolerance than standard teachers. Plus, for them, you can never be good enough. Where it may be for your benefit, more often than not you will just be on the receiving end of a scolding. Sadly, this happens to good and bad students, so it’s best to prepare yourself beforehand.

4 – The Sacrifice

Doctors Stethoscope

Yes, you will become a successful doctor in the future. However, no one really tells you what you will be sacrificing. Try getting up at 7 every morning for your duty. Then rushing back home at 4 and then again going for a second shift at 7. Finally, you enter the home at around 10 when you will have to look after your family. If you are a woman that means the extra chores of the home. If you are a man, you still have to commit to your family.

This is likely to continue till you retire. So basically, you will never have time for proper holidays. You will always be too tired to visit friends and family, and if you have a demanding speciality, you will probably not have free time even in your free time. You may think I’m exaggerating but trust me, I am a doctor, and most of it is true!

5 – Admitting that you are wrong

sad doctor

Medicine is all about mistakes and correcting them you need to build your knowledge and then mould it according to the present day every step of the way. You may have to memorize different versions of the same procedure or understand the same concept in a number of ways. The thing is you need to be versatile. You will never be right always. The complex field means that you will make mistakes and you will miss things. The best way to fix your wrongs is to accept that you were wrong in the first place. You cannot avoid the mistakes entirely, but you can minimize them by devoting yourself to learning your speciality to the extremes.

All in all, I don’t mean to scare off young students from choosing medicine. However, they need to be introduced to the whole picture instead of a biased view. There are good points as well as bad ones about becoming a doctor. Understand what it means before stepping onto the staircase. It is a very rewarding field, but are you prepared to do what it takes?