With the advancement of VFX and special effects technology, the horror genre has come a long way to now being a series of jumpscares accompanied by loud, disturbing, ear piercing background scores. A good story in a horror movie is hard to find these days. Anyone who loves a good scare, and has a love for a good quality horror movie, would agree with my claims mentioned above.

Over the years, the horror genre has lost its charm. For a hardcore horror film fanatic, the present age horror movies are more like a joke. In order to satisfy your horror movie cravings, we have compiled a list you can use for future weekend night movie plans.

1 – It Follows

There is so much confusion in this movie that your mind will remain utterly confused. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an Inception or Interstellar sort of a movie, but there’s something to it. The movie is filled with cognitive confusion as there are subconscious contradictory elements in the movie. Like the core element of having a demon chase you in a human form, which you might or might not be able to identify, or the varying cinematic perspectives. All in all, the variations (often undetected) compiled with the magnificent background score make this movie a must watch for anyone in search of a good 2 hour long frightening journey.

2 – The Taking of Deborah Logan

Combine Alzheimer’s with the possibility of demonic possession, and you have the perfect recipe for nightmares. The movie is bound to scare the daylight out of you for the core reason that you remain confused as to what exactly is wrong with the lead: is it merely Alzheimer’s, or something else. The fact that anyone can develop the mental illness makes it scarier, and you have to remain hooked till the end to find out what exactly is wrong with Deborah Logan.

3 – The Caller

The fact that this movie is complex, yet managed to creep me out is why it’s in my most loved horror movies list, and should be in yours too. The movie is polished in every sense: from bringing an original idea to the table; to the flawless execution and acting to compliment it. But this movie is not a stereotypical, average horror movie, but is rather more on the psychological drama/thriller side. The movie keeps you thoroughly engaged.

In case you are planning on watching it, do keep your phone aside. You have to pay close attention to it as it has an open ending. And we all know how open-ended movies are far worse than cliffhangers.

4 – The Shining

Now, who isn’t aware of this frightening masterpiece. I am slightly biased towards Stephen King’s work and would be down for any movie based on his novels, except for Cell! But anyone who has even the slightest bit of knowledge about the horror genre would second me to the fact that this is like the God Father of the horror movie realm.

Personal experience says that the movie will not bother you much while you watch it, just like “It Follows”. The eeriness of the environment and the madness of the leads, followed by an unnerving cliffhanger, will keep you awake for some time.

5 – Train to Busan

I am a zombie movie fanatic. The zombie movie wing managed to produce some outstanding movies, like Zombieland (satire), 28 days later, and 28 weeks later. But Train To Busan, being fairly new and of foreign language category, wins hands down.

The movie narrates a group of survivors, fighting for survival, amidst a zombie apocalypse. The world outside the train is quarantined, and they are possibly the last few survivors. Here’s the trailer to give you an idea of what might be in store for you. Imagine the on-flight scene of World War Z but on a train, with an extended timeframe.

We just sorted out your weekend movie plans!

Do let us know which ones you’re willing to watch this Saturday night!