Halloween is here, and we are super excited! However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the event. Part of the reason may be because Pakistan still doesn’t have the typical trick-or-treat trend that is widely popular abroad.

Trick-or-treat: Children dressed in costumes go from house to house asking for treats with a phrase trick-or-treat. The trick is a warning that if no treat is given they will perform some mischief on the homeowners or their property.  Some homeowners put up Halloween decorations to signal that they will hand out treats. 

This still doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the festival! Celebrities love to indulge in this horrific fun, and we would love to too! So, here are 4 reasons why you should celebrate a chilling Halloween in Pakistan this year!

pakistani celeb celebrating halloween
via Pakistan today

1 – Party!!!

If you are older, then chances are you may be allowed to indulge in the fun. There are a number of Halloween parties around the block and in the restaurants. Late night spots are all chilled and decorated according to the theme. Grab your friends and go out to enjoy the Halloween night for some great memories!

Many restaurants are doing Halloween themed dinner night. 

If your parents do not let you out at nightfall, you could always have a Halloween themed party at home! Try out some of the chilling treats and Halloween themed cuisines and invite your friends over for some chilling fun. Nobody can stop you from having the most blood curling time at your own residence, right?

halloween skeleton

2 – Show off your costume!

This is one night that you have a license to dress crazy! Channel your inner witch or wizard and transform yourself into that blood curling mummy or the nun from conjuring. There is no end to the possibilities, and this is the perfect time to whip up your DIYs!

You can be whatever you want to be, and no one will judge you.

3 – Paint yourself up

children dressed up for halloween

Remember all those YouTube DIYs teaching you how to paint a horror face? Well now is the time to use them. Get out your handy, non-toxic paint box and get ready to get messy. We can’t guarantee an excellent result, but you can definitely manage to look apart! After all, Halloween is a ghostly event.

The amazing thing is it doesn’t even matter if you don’t do it right. ANYTHING will do just fine. 

4 – Break the boredom

halloween decor

Why spend all your days in the same routine? It’s been a while since the Bakra Eid. Break the monotony and have some fun! The exciting night is something to plan and get ready for. Persuade your friends to join in a have the time of your life! The day off from all the regular troubles of your life will surely energize you and help you face your daily life with a refreshed mind and purpose.

Halloween isn’t just about all the ghosts and the treats. Instead, it’s about celebrating fall as well. Get your fall outfits ready, grab some pumpkins and enjoy that indecisive weather that certainly adds a charm to the seasons.

These small events are things that keep you going. Yes, some may argue that it’s not our festival. Well, we don’t have to treat it like one. Simply put on a weird costume and enjoy a day that is meant to be crazy!

Trust us; you will have the time of your life!

Feature image via wall alphacodes