2017 has been quite a roller-coaster for the fashion industry with a number of fashion trends that really revamped Pakistani fashion. From trousers to cigarette pants to tulip shalwars, medium length shirts and more, there is no end to the fashion crazes that graced the runways this year. It can be a little difficult to keep track of all the different styles every now, and then, so here are some of the most amazing trends that you definitely need to nail before 2017 is over.

1 – Lavish Sleeves

Fashion trends - lavish sleeves
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It was minimalistic sleeves last year, and even in the early part of this year but it seems as if the fashion trend has shifted in favor of large, stylish and bling sleeves for every dress. Not only do these sleeves stand out, but also we are inspired by how well designers have balanced the look with the rest of the dress. Bell sleeves are back in fashion and so is excessive embroidery and bling on those trendy bits.

You definitely need to grab hold of this statement piece this year, especially if you do not have until now.

2 – Cliché Bottoms

Cliche bottoms - fashion trends
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We saw a radical change in the shalwars this time around. It all started with the cigarette pants as the trendy pairs allowed women to show off their slender legs. This gave way to the curvy and alluring tulip shalwars that really made a mark. Especially with all the stunning laces and trailing ornaments, the tulip shalwar was a winner. However, we moved on and welcomed back the gharara pants. Vintage at its peak, the gharara pants are the latest fashion trend, and they look stunning paired with the bell sleeves.

You need to have an outfit designed along these lines to really live the 2017 vibe!

3 – Khussas

fashion trends - khussas
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Another vintage trend that we simply adore is the khussa. The style is back in all its awe-inspiring grace, and we could not be any happier. The vintage style is available in all the different colors and goes fabulously with any outfit, whether western or traditional. This is the beauty of this footwear; it really fits your look and enhances it with a grace of its own.

4 – Block Print and Abstract

Block print and abstract - fashion trends
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Printed clothes have always been much liked in Pakistan. This time around, the focus is on the abstract. Brands, especially the chic ones like Ego and Change Clothing have released their latest lines, and many portray abstract at its finest. It is really a pleasure to see a work of art moving around the room. Also, the stunning colors, splashes of vibrant hues and stunning combinations are adored and are quite a success.

All of these fashion trends are some of the latest styles that you must try out for yourself. Many of these styles are sure to carry on into 2018. Especially the clothing trends are a little difficult to change, and you will certainly spot different fashion statements from different parts of the year out there. With the year at a close, there is hardly any time left. Go on! Go out shopping and live the trends of this year.

A girl got to look pretty!!!! Right?? 

Let us know by commenting below on any clothing trends that you think should also be on this list.