While we believe oils are only used for either cooking or nourishing our hair; we are highly undereducated about the matter. Oils offer a wide array of benefits to our body, as a whole, and many oils have many more uses. While all forms of oils are not as versatile as olive oil, even this bad boy lags in terms of benefits it has to offer; Coconut oil is the only oil which overshadows olive oil hands down!

Here are the 3 benefits you can derive from coconut oil.

1 – Coconut oil for the skin

Coconut oil has several health benefits, the most important ones being its usefulness in hair care and skin care.

The buttery consistency makes coconut oil the best natural body butter you can find on a budget. The thick consistency of the oil makes it better for moisturization in this harsh winter weather, and can also aid in curbing many skin conditions, like eczema, psoriasis, and many others.

coconut oil being used as a massage oil
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The best thing about coconut oil is that, unlike other natural and processed facial oils, it is suitable for all skin types. Even people with oily skin can use it to moisturize their skin without having to worry about greasiness since it absorbs into the skin very well.

Coconut oil also makes a suitable and long-lasting lip balm. Once again, the thick consistency of the oil makes it ideal for moisturizing chapped lips in this dry weather.

What’s more is that it can be used as a makeup remover AND skin cleanser. What a win-win situation! The antioxidant properties present in coconut help to make the oil ideal moisturizer for delaying wrinkles and prevent saggy skin in later years.

coconut as a makeup remover
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2 – Coconut oil for hair

Unlike most oils, coconut oil can penetrate deep into the hair shaft to moisturize, condition, and strengthen the hair. Coconut oil has naturally occurring fatty acids and vitamins which nourish the scalp, helping the follicles to clear away any product build up or sebum and produce healthier strands.

coconut as a hair oil
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A hot coconut oil treatment can help to deep condition the hair and is ideal for colour treated or damaged hair. The best thing about coconut oil is that it doesn’t just impact the outer ends, but penetrates deep into the hair helping to fix the polymer damage that takes place within the hair over time.

Coconut oil also makes for a killer leave in conditioner. A tiny amount of coconut oil, probably two drops (not kidding), can be applied to damp hair. The result will be fuller, shinier, and lush hair at a fraction of the cost of processed hair products.

*Disclaimer: Since coconut oil is thick, it is not ideal to use it post styling as it can weigh down the hair. 

3 – Coconut Oil for nutrition

Contrary to popular belief, this oil is ideal for weight loss. All the ladies trying to lose weight, ditch that plain ol’ olive oil. The unique fatty acids combination of the oil act as a metabolism booster; bolstering up that fat burning furnace in your body!!

coconut nutrition
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Coconut oil can suppress appetite, help prevent or improve thyroid conditions, and gives food a different taste and aroma (which is to die for)!

For me, coconut oil is like the king of the oil kingdom. It is a multitasking oil, without the cons which exist even in the most hyped about oils! (#oliveoil #reference).

Do let us know if you use coconut oil in any other ways and help make the world a healthier and better place! 🙂