As the year comes to an end, a lot of memes have surfaced. From the looks of it, not a lot of people have had a good year so far. But the field of science and research has been one where a lot of progress took place in this year. Scientists and researchers were finally able to bring betterment to this world, and this year groundbreaking innovations took place. Here are just a few of them.

1 – Tilapia scales for burn treatments

Treating burn victims has been a complex and traumatizing task for doctors and medical specialists for as long as anyone can remember. Research has been underway for decades to find solutions to treat mild and severe burns and minimize the associated skin damage to as much extent as possible. Doctors in a small town in Brazil have developed a new and unique way to treat the worst of burns, even third-degree burns. Doctors in Fortazela are using sterilized Tilapia scales to soothe and treat skin burns. The discovery has proved to be successful so far since the Tilapia scales consist of proteins which heal burnt skin and also curb scarring.

2 – Chimeric Antigen Receptor Therapy for incurable cancers

The chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) is a T-cell framework which would allow for blocking off external bacteria and invaders. This means that the CAR can prevent humans against a wide array of issues, ranging from mundane viruses to even cancerous particles. Boosting the immune system against foreign threats is the core idea of this framework. Researchers at UPENN are genetically re-engineering and altering the T-cells with the help of CAR molecules in order to target and cordon off tumor cells. This will equip with the body’s defense mechanism to not only protect itself against tumorous invaders but will provide it with the strength to destroy internal tumors on its own.  The cure for cancer might just be around the corner.

3 – Quadriplegics can now move

The BrainGate2 is bringing about new life into people suffering from neural or spinal cord damage. People with paralysis or who are handicapped now finally have a hope of restoring life into their bodies once again. The BrainGate2 is a neural interface system which is allowing for quadriplegic patients to finally be able to move their bodies to a certain extent. The system involves implantation of electrodes in the patient’s brain and then planting another pair of electrodes in the desired body area to enable cerebral communication with the targeted area. This is an imitation of the body’s natural function mechanism.

It seems like things we saw in science fiction movies years ago were merely a prediction of the modern day science. Nevertheless, science is progressing in a way which is contributing to the lives of millions and making lives of the masses better. It is now only a matter of time till we start seeing these breakthroughs right in front of our eyes.

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Featured image via nbn