• The capital city of Punjab
  • The heart of Pakistan
  • The city of gardens
  • Pakistan’s educational capital
  • Pakistan’s cultural capital

These are the titles given to Lahore and rightly so. It is almost impossible to describe the rich culture, the rich history and the beauty of this city mixed with modern infrastructure. You just have to visit Lahore to experience Lahore.

There is just no other way. 

Lahore Lahore hai

In case you visit, here are 10 places that you must explore.

1 – Badhashi mosque and Lahore Fort

Bashahi Mosque Sunset
By Muddiii (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons
Badshahi mosque opened in 1673 is the Mughal era. It was the largest mosque in the world for 313 years. Red stone exterior, eight minarets, and beautiful Mughal architecture are truly mesmerizing.

Lahore Fort
By Danyal Saeed [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr
The Badshahi mosque location is west of Lahore Fort, another iconic structure of Lahore. It is part of UNESCO world heritage site since 1981. The sheer size, history and royal architecture of Lahore fort will bewitch you.

2 – Greater Iqbal Park

view of a dancing fountain
via Habib Construction Services

Previously known as Iqbal park, it was just recently revamped and named Greater Iqbal Park. The views are scenic; you have Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Mosque, and Lahore Fort all at your sight. Not just that, the greenery, the flowers, the lighting and the dancing fountain is just majestic.

Spread over an area of 125 acres, it has an artificial lake, open-air gym, food court and memorial monuments. If you are adventurous, Cinderella cart service is also available to take you on a tour of the park. It is a perfect combination of history, culture, and nature. You will not find any other place like this in Pakistan.

3 – Food Street

Night view of food street in Lahore

Food Street located on the fort road Lahore with the view of Badshahi mosque has replaced the Gawalmandi food street as a new hub for traditional food lovers. It is a perfect place to enjoy traditional Lahori taste in outdoor with historical views. You can also enjoy a walk inside Lahore fort after.

Restaurants to try here are:
Cuckoo’s Den

Spectacular views from one of the restaurants in food street

Try to make it in the evening just before the sunset, and you can thank me later.

4 – Grand Jamia Mosque

Beautiful Jamia Mosque in bahria town
via Hamza Photography

Recently built in Bahria town, the 3rd largest mosque in Pakistan and 7th largest mosque in the world. This beautiful mosque is a fine specimen of Islamic architecture, design, and craftsmanship.

5 – Replica of Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Bahria Town Lahore

Want to see Eiffel Tower of Pakistan? Just a few minutes drive from Grand Jamia Mosque in Bahria town is a 265 feet high replica of Eiffel Tower. It has three floors:

– L’Eiffel Coffee shop
– Fine dining restaurant
– Top viewing deck

At night it lights up so try visiting this place, you will love it.

6 – Emporium Mall and Packages Mall

Emporium Mall

These are in the top 3 largest and beautiful malls of Pakistan, Emporium being the second largest and Packages being the third largest. Both are hosting more than 200 shops, a multiplex cinema, 2000 additional parking space, food court that can accommodate 3000 people, and Hyperstar (Pakistan’s largest hypermarket). They are a result of urbanization and a symbol of Lahore’s growth.

7 – Watch a movie in Cine Star Imax

Lobby view of Cine Star's Imax Lahore
via Rana Atif Rehman

Cine Star Imax theatre in Township Lahore is first of its kind in Pakistan; you have to experience a film in Imax if you have not before. The screen size is huge, and the sound quality is just way better. Your overall movie experience will be at least ten times better.

8 – Monal Lahore

View from Monal Restaurant Lahore
Via Monal Lahore FB page

Lahore is famous for its food, you can get mouth-watering food at many restaurants, but in my opinion, the purpose of dining out should not just be food. When it comes to eating out, I say the whole experience matters. It is just not just the food; it is the ambience, the service, and the setting.

Located on the 10th/11th floor (rooftop) of the park and ride plaza opposite Liberty market this eatery gives you a scenic view of the beautiful Liberty Roundabout and Lahore’s hustle and bustle. You sit there enjoying delicious food in a comfortable environment watching Lahore in all its glory.

9 – Polo Match

Polo match taking place at Lahore Polo Club
via SKMCH&RC FB page

Ever thought of watching a polo match? Well, you are at luck. At Lahore Polo Club at race course park on jail road, you can do that. International and domestic players play at this ground year round, exhibiting exciting matches. Teams are competitive and skilled, and the display of a polo match is worth a watch. After all, polo is known as a sport that kings.

If you feel motivated and adventurous enough, there is also a horse riding school in which you can give it a go yourself. Just be careful, horse riding is not at all as comfortable at its looks.

10 – Take a drive

The rapidly increasing fly-overs, underpasses, and other modern structure have added to the beauty of Lahore. Although Lahore never sleeps it is calmer at night; you have to drive and see Lahore in the relative peace and relative calm.

View of Kamla Chowk Lahore
via Lahore Development News
Lahore Cantt aerial view
via Lahore Development News


canal lahore
via worldfortravel

Drive all the way up from Thokar Niaz Baig to DHA using the beautiful canal road. Pass through Kalma Chowk where you will see the junction of the metro bus, flyovers, underpasses and u-turns. Drive through the usually bustling MM Alam road and then check out Liberty roundabout and liberty market. Check out Mall road, jail road, and main boulevard.

As the phrase goes:

jinne lahore nai wekhya o jamaya hi nai

You will fall in love with this city.

Feature image by mosthdwallpapers